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Best Budapest Cruise

About Silver-line Folklore Budapest Cruise

If you are on Budapest, and desire a little bit more intensive and authentic programme (as a simple Budapest Cruise or dinner in the city) we would recommend Budapest Cruise with Folklore and Operetta Show.  

If you see this folklore show you can feel the real hungarian attitude, from the operetta songs you will hear the special hungarian voices which is full of feelings,sentiments.This programme during the Budapest Cruise shows you the hungarian traditonal culture with dance and music. While you enjoy the music you also get a Budapest cruise with welcome drink and view of the city swimming in lights.  It is starts at 7.30 pm. on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. At the Budapest Cruise by Silver-line it includes four course meal and welcome drink. You can choose from five type of main course. When we leave the dock the gipsy band starts to play the hungarian music and our singer woman sings operetta songs. 

After a five minute stop our dancers run into the boat and start to dance the real hungarian folklore. You can lost in hungarian voices and dancers’ colorful clothes. At the end of the performance You can take a part of the folklore show on the stage, our folk dancers will invite the audience to study some folklore step.  You will enjoy the dance together with others from all over the world. Finally you will have a new, special remembrance of Budapest and Budapest Cruise.

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